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Paranormal Romance Available in e-book and paperback from Whiskey Creek Press , A WCP BEST SELLER and WCP 'READER'S CHOICE'

Trade Paperback and multi-format ebooks also available at Amazon.com
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A Romantic Mystery Available in e-book and paperback from Whiskey Creek Press: A WCP Best Seller and WCP 'READER'S CHOICE'

Trade Paperback and multi-format ebooks also available at Amazon.com
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"...Marsha Briscoe has penned a lovely romance here, relaying the tales of two couples, past and present, with strong emotions for one another, yet dealing with their own personal demons which draw them apart. Briscoe peppers the plot with spine-tingling suspense while offering a charming couple readers will empathize with and root for. Character development is excellent, and the story one that will remain with the reader long after the book is finished."
Reviewed by Christy Tillery French for Midwest Book Review (©June 1, 2009)"

Complex and Suspenseful Reincarnation Romance" ©Leslie Tramposch, courtesy PNR (Paranormal Romance) ~~The Best Reviews

"...A Still Point In Time provides a marvelous read. Author Marsha Briscoe displays a decided gift for fluidly moving between past and present, weaving a tale of emotional complexity and psychological depth. The past and present merge fluidly in a tale of destiny and desire that will delight paranormal romance lovers. Further, these characterizations are absolutely memorable with their age difference and clash of goals. Dante's misgivings about Laura's choice to undergo in vitro fertilization likewise present marvelous conflict. A Still Point In Time comes recommended." ~~©Cindy, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

"...Marsha has written a very intriguing and fast-paced book. The deep emotions that the characters face are sensitive and touching. The book is well researched and so interesting that the reader cannot let go of the book until it is read completely. The romance is very sweet and undeniably heart-warming. This book is very much recommended." Reviewed by Dee Herga, ©ebook Reviews Weekly http://www.ebook-reviews.net

"...Briscoe weaves an intricate web of historical detail, lost love, and future possibilities as the romance between Laura and Dante blossoms. Their gradual realization of their feelings for each other in this lifetime, and the awakening of the memories from their previous life together, is a graceful unfolding dance. Even as other forces from their past life intrude, causing friction and despair to almost tear them apart, the lovers struggle to find the strength in each other to accept differences in age and beliefs. A beautifully rendered love story with a hint of mystery and a heavy dose of karmic destiny for paranormal fans to enjoy." ~~©Melanie C. Duncan, Reviewer for The Book Dragon Review

A Still Point in Time is a story guaranteed to give you 'warm fuzzies' for quite a while after reading it! Marsha Briscoe is an author gifted with eloquence, and that's a rare find. I look forward to more from her! ~~©Tracy Atencio for NovelSpot, August 2004

"...Author Marsha Briscoe has an impressive background as a teacher of literature and as an editor and award-winning novelist and poet. Her second novel, A FamilyMatter, is an exceptional modern-day twist to the Phaedra myth, where a stepmother and stepson are romantically attracted to one another.  Against the colorful backdrop of eastern Kentucky, the reader is swept into the inner turmoil of Selina and Mick, two good-hearted people surrounded by secret-keepers and corrupt businessmen. Briscoe paints visual imagery so vivid it will enable readers to feel as if they have stepped into the fictional world she has created. With realistic dialogue and supreme characterization, this is a must-read." ~~©Christy Tillery French, Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

...A FAMILY MATTER is sure to become a mining story classic. Marsha Briscoe depicts miners with traditional, tough attitudes as they risk their lives. Some miners believe that protection from unions is unmanly, and Briscoe knows them well. Her unforgettable characters speak with a genuine Kentucky dialect. In addition to her amazing backdrop of the 1990s, Briscoe writes a crisp tale of a relationship between two star-crossed lovers along with a coldhearted man's futile attempt to control his world. Twists, turns, tantalizing forbiddances, and a surprise ending had me engrossed throughout. I highly recommend A FAMILY MATTER to all my friends, especially those who enjoy Greek allegories. The romance is a reminder of the enticing Phaedra myth. ~~©Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R -September 2007

"...As storms raged in the eastern Kentucky skies, Mick and Salina did all they could to avoid their own tempest. The stigma of incest, though they were no blood relation, kept them from acting on the desires stirring deep within them. His father's wife. Her husband's son. The evil man lying in a coma, suspended between life and death, stood firmly between them. A Family Matter traverses time in the contemporary telling of the myth of Phaedra, a woman destined to love her stepson, Hippolytus, the son destined to love his father's wife. Marsha Briscoe has brought the legend forward in time, losing none of the suspense, the romance, and the burning desire from the original myth. If you enjoy a roller coaster of emotion and intrigue that builds to the unexpected conclusion, A Family Matter is a must read." ~~©Marge Conrad, Reviewer for Novel Spot

About A Still Point In Time:

...A brooch, a lighthouse, a seashore, a love that transcends time...
Single, childless, and forty-three, college English professor Laura Bouvoire is determined to have a baby by in-vitro fertilization. But her plans to beat her ticking biological clock meet opposition when she falls in love with her thirty-year old college student, Dante Giovanni, a computer repairman determined to escape his trailer-park existence and the tedium of his blue-collar job. A devout Catholic, Dante is morally and ethically opposed to test-tube babies which he deems an aberration akin to abortion and "against the natural order of things." As Laura's and Dante's relationship turns to passion and passion turns to love, Laura's pregnancy becomes an issue that Dante must not only confront, but resolve. Will he be able to re-think his beliefs and realize he must make a choice between his values and his love for Laura?

Soon after meeting Dante, Laura purchases an antique amethyst brooch identical to one she saw in a portrait by the 19th century artist/poet Dylan Leone Gordon. Touching or wearing the brooch precipitates her dreams and visions of lovers in another century. As the dreams intensify, she researches Gordon and the elusive woman whose face peers from his paintings. A poem by Gordon affirms her suspicions that past lives may be involved. Obsessed by dreams of lovers in another century, Laura delves into that past life. There, tormented voices from another age reveal century-old karmic debts... Voices that hint at Dante's role, as well as Laura's, in those debts...

Have Laura's and Dante's lives been brought together for a purpose? Will the secrets from the past that Laura uncovers threaten to take it all away?

About A Family Matter:

Scandal erupts in an eastern Kentucky town when an injured coal baron's estranged son comes home to tend his comatose father and falls in love with his father's new, young wife, Salina. In this modern adaptation of the ancient Greek Phaedra myth set in the late 1990s, Salina must choose between her professed vow of family vindication and her rapidly escalating attraction to her stepson.

Salina Graves, recently married to a man twice her age, faces an agonizing truth--the betrayal of her father, Minos Drummond, by her husband, Lyman . But the truth of that betrayal lies in her deceased father's journal. Her mother's posthumous cry for family vindication leads Salina on a desperate search for the mysteriously missing journal. But her search is thwarted when her tyrannical husband is critically injured.

When her attractive, but errant stepson, Mick Graves, returns home to tend his comatose father, Salina and Mick are drawn to one another. Warring with her illicit feelings for her stepson who now shares the ancestral home in eastern Kentucky where Lyman's Poseidon Coal Company fuels the economy, is Salina's determination to carry out her plan of vindication. Will she be able to find her father's journal, absolve her family name, and survive the metaphorical storm surrounding her relationship with her stepson?

Can Salina continue to share the ancestral, claustrophobic home with the attractive yet elusive Mick while her comatose husband's life-or-death fate hangs in the balance? Will the lives of these characters be able to surmount the ill-fated, archetypal destiny inherent in the ancient Greek myth girding this story?

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